Aaron Turns 8

And so we begin The Lim Tribe’s birthday series for 2010 with Aaron kicking off this new season by turning 8 today 🙂


First stop was Jalan Kayu for breakfast where the birthday boy tucked into a strawberry roti prata.  The rest of the family enjoyed a nice prata breakfast too with mutton curry and fried chicken.  After that, for the first time, we had to split ways.  Aaron wanted to go bowling for his birthday outing.  So that the younger ones can also have an outing, Serene brought the four girls to Bishan Community Library whilst I brought the others to Orchid Bowl at SAFRA Yishun.

Aaron going for a spare.

Aaron, David & Sarah had a good time throwing the balls down the lanes.  I didn’t exactly do great; but for a rusty bowler, it was ok and I had good fun too.  On the way home, we stopped by Buddy Hoagies for lunch.  Back home, we spent the afternoon playing Aaron’s favourite game, Monopoly.  Even Ruth joined us in the game 🙂  So nice to see all the siblings playing and enjoying together.

Another birthday family picture for the album 🙂 Blessed Birthday, Aaron!!!

For dinner, we had wanted to go to Spaggedies but found out that it was no longer at Paragon!  Quick change of plans and we ended up at The Vines joined by the grandparents.  The birthday boy ordered a Tenderloin Steak for himself and finished it all up, including the baked potato!  Then out came the birthday cake … birthday brownie, actually … and everyone chorused Happy Birthday to Aaron.

Dear Lord, I give you thanks and praise for Aaron – such a sweet, loving and caring child.  As he grows up, I pray for him to know You more and more.  Please reveal Yourself to him in ways he can understand and appreciate.  Guide and protect him all the days of his life.  Thank You for being with him on this special day.  Amen.

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