David & Sarah on SPELLCAST

It caught me by surprise.  I didn’t know David and Sarah had signed up for SpellCast on their own initiative, with Serene’s permission of course.  On our way back from our Bintan holiday, the organisers called to inform us of the auditions, beginning their SpellCast journey.

David and Sarah both cleared the 1st audition.  And then, they cleared the 2nd audition.  Both made it through to the Preliminary Rounds which will be aired over TV!  The tough part was that recording would take place within one week.  In other words, if they get through each round, it would be a daily affair at the TV Studio – each time at least 3 to 4 hrs of waiting!

David (front row, far right) at the Semi Finals.

The day came for David’s Prelim Round.  He did well and went through to the Quarter Finals!  Sarah’s Prelim Round was the very next day.  She did really well in the first two rounds, taking the lead.  But when it came to the 3rd round, it just didn’t happen for her, and others scored more points and she was knocked out 😦  At the Quarter Finals, David did well enough to get to the Semi’s.  Now the competition was getting much tougher.  The other kids were good spellers too, and also quick on the buzzer!  It definitely wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.  Although David tried his best, it just wasn’t good enough for him to get to the Finals.  Needless to say, he was very disappointed with the result.

Go! David! Go!

All said, it was a very good experience for both David and Sarah.  Serene and I (together with all who came to support them) were all very proud of their achievements.  In the end, it’s not the winning that counts, but what they each learnt from this exercise.

It was also quite an experience and adventure for me.  I found myself googling for and printing out challenging words.  Even had to bring David to buy more clothes for his wardrobe.  But for sure, the toughest and most challenging were the studio recordings where we had to clap, cheer and whoop for the cameras, then act tense and disappointed, then endure the numerous start-stops.  It sure brought back many memories of my talentime and TV commercial production days … but I was much younger then 🙂

One last word (and it’s not because I am sour grapes) … for spelling competitions, they should get a host who can pronounce the words properly 🙂

NOTE: By the way, I’m not supposed to share the results before the show is aired on TV 🙂  Do watch David and Sarah on SpellCast on OKTO, starting 3 Jan 2010 11:30am.

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