Christians on Facebook

It’s been interesting, reading the various remarks, updates and posts on Facebook.  These have been wide-ranging … a thought, a desire, a proverb, a riddle, a gripe, a complaint, etc.  For the more graphic (bolder) ones, photos and videos are uploaded … of families, of personal interests, of issues (political, religious, social), of parties, of life, etc.  This online community is abuzz.

The question is, “How should a Christian conduct himself or herself on Facebook?”

I have read comments from Christians that have surprised me.  Quite obviously, these are cases where fingers have moved faster than the mind could have been engaged – griping, complaining, even swearing and cursing.  Then, there are pictures of Christians partying … and I mean, really partying, clubbing … drinks in hand, guys hugging gals, immodest dressing.

These comments and pictures may be directed at certain specific friends.  However, we forget that others in the friends list also read and see everything that is posted.  A Christian may have a majority of Christian friends.  Some Christian friends may be matured, but some may be new or young Christians.  It is also very likely that there would be non-Christians in the same list.

We seem to have forgotten that an online community is still a community.  The words of Jesus in Matt 5:13-16 stay relevant … “You are the salt of the earth … You are the light of the world …”  Jesus’ standards do not change just because it’s Facebook.  In fact, a Christian should be even more careful and sensitive because he doesn’t know who might be exposed to his remarks or pictures.  The probability of offending or stumbling someone is even higher in such a community!

As I write this post, I am reminded of how I also have been careless in my Facebook conduct.  There have been times an update has been released too quickly.  These days, I check myself when crafting each post.  I read it a few times, and again, and then again.  If it still looks questionable, then it’s probably not worth posting (or tweeting) it at all.

May our words, pictures or videos on Facebook bring encouragement and hope to someone out there; and glory, praise and honour to our Lord Jesus Christ!

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