Facebook App: Message From God?

There’s this interesting application on Facebook called “See what God wants you to know …”  All you do is click on “Read your Message from God” and the system automatically generates a “word” from God for you.  At first, I thought it was quite neat.  After a while, I began to feel a little uncomfortable with it.  I couldn’t quite explain why … something just didn’t sit well with me.

One day, it hit me!

I remember as a kid when I would flip to the horoscope section of the newspapers or a magazine just to find out what my sign had in store for me.  On some days, it would be a word of encouragement.  And on other days, it would be a word of caution.  This Facebook application functions in the same way!  Hmmm … let’s see … what is God saying to me today? … click … oh wow, I am highly favoured … click … oh dear, spiritual warfare today … click … oh my, I need healing from my past … click … oh yes, I will be prosperous this week … I think you get the point.  This is Christian Horoscope!  What happened to waiting upon the Lord, being in His presence and hearing His voice?

I’m sure no Christian really takes this application seriously.  Then again, judging from the short-cuts nowadays, I could wrong.

8 thoughts on “Facebook App: Message From God?

  1. I totally agree…i went through exactly the same…er..process… Now i basically just turned off the notification for that..wouldn’t want to fall into the trap of laziness in seeking God’s REAL message for me, and buying into some “prediction”…;p

  2. I don’t believe this should be the only source of information we get from God, but I do believe that God can and does work through this application. Not only does the application offer words of encouragement every day, it’s helping to spread the word of God through facebook. The messages are never “predictions.” Instead, it’s like a daily devotional. For instance, a message today was:

    *You are not your wallet, your job, your kids, your house. You are not your activities or your worries or the labels other people give you. Like an actor you play these roles, and like a good actor you sometimes forget who you really are. Time to wake up now, and remember that you are a being of immense power and breathtaking beauty created in the image of God.*


  3. The Bible is the only sure Word from God. The genaral “feel good” messages that are being credited to Him have no Biblical reference, are not sound doctrinally, in turn stray widely from Scripture ~ but then again so do most people. Why can’t the App simply have Scripture? Because it is humanistic in origin.

    How about this message : God wants you to know that He hates sin, that He commands all men everywhere to repent, that there is no salvation in any oter name that the name of Jesus…no you will only hear egosyntric blah, blah.

  4. I agree with Noey above. They are not predictions. Personally, I will discipline myself not start my day with this application. I will start it with the Word of God. It is after all the final authority.

  5. So much of what we experience today results from the fearful mindset that our current culture cultivates in all of us, to some degree. Even the disciplined Christian.

    Here’s the thing…they are not predictions. They are not harmful. In fact, they do not contradict the Bible whatsoever. Why do we worry about whether spiritual food is OK, just because it is not the Bible directly?

    God’s creation is far more than that Guide Book alone. Certainly, there is great value in the Bible, and many believe that it should be incorporated in their day.

    If that is the case, then nothing else should REPLACE the Bible, but enhancing the Bible’s truths, through everyday experiences is QUITE beneficial. Sure, if you are short on time and have to cut something out…scratch the daily word from god app.

    But, seriously, there really is no reason for debate. We are all so scared of doing something wrong, and loving God would whisper in your ear, “Child, you are doing just fine. I love when your heart sings, my Beloved.”

    Seriously, we all encounter conversations every day that are far more harmful than anything in this Facebook app, and we don’t quit our jobs or wear earplugs and blindfolds. It’s all part of God’s creation, and just in the right timing to show us what He wants us to know.

    I am sure that God is smiling on the folks who put this app together because they are paving a way for hurting ears to hear the truth in everyday language, supporting them until they feel safe reaching further. Many people have been hurt by religious and church experiences, and, unfortunately, relate those experiences to God.

    So, to the makers of this app…<3 ❤ ❤ ❤

    And to all of us, God wants us to lighten up in love. See the silly ideas that we carry from our past, and allow them to change. It's no contradiction to scripture. In fact, it is forgiveness and love.

    Many prayers of blessing,

  6. I would have to say to Carrie, YEAH RIGHT!!! Have you bothered to read some of those so-called “Messages from god”? You say “they don’t contradict the bible whatsoever” Um go back and read some of them, some are in DIRECT contradiction to the TRUE Word of God. This IS NOT a Christian app, it is more of a “newage spirituality” app! Don’t trust this app for your daily bread or any so-called “message from god” this app has to offer. The Holy Bible ITSELF is the ONLY “app” you can receive a REAL Message from God………!

  7. Anyone know who is the author of this application anyway?? I received the creepiest ever supposed ‘message from god’ with the most Big Brother-esk message that you can imagine. What an eery tone it portrayed, as if “i’m watching you in your living room” feeling. Yikes…Satan is so clever when he tries to mask himself as God. Don’t be fooled! Stick to the direct source, the Holy Bible! I do feel this application can be truly harmful!!! Remember that the most beautiful angel of God’s creation was cast out of heaven…and for what reason? He wanted to be God and often mimicks the true word, but twists it a little, so as to be somewhat believable. Beware!!

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