I’ve Got The Best Boss!

My heart is overwhelmed within me, brimming with joy and gratitude.  Not only do I love and enjoy my job but I also happen to have the best Boss one can ever have in the whole wide world!

In my line of work, I have met many people who have terrible job-boss matches.  They may have a deep interest for a particular field of work – and the talent and capability to go with it – but just can’t get along with their leaders or superiors.  Or, they may work well with their bosses, but other reasons like remuneration or fringe benefits get in the way and all too quickly, discontentment creeps into their hearts and are readily enticed when the headhunter calls on them.  Yet, we all know too well that higher pay and more attractive perks do not necessarily equate to a better boss.  In fact, the reverse is usually true.  Hey, they don’t pay you big bucks for nothing.

Ministry may be tough and demanding but I know I have the best Boss one can ever have.  He never pushes me beyond what I can do or handle.  Every task He assigns to me comes with the enablement and empowerment to execute that task – whether in the natural or in the spiritual.  His vision and mission is always clear and I don’t have to guess or second-guess Him at all.  If I am not sure for that moment, I simply trust Him because His plans are always the best.  All I need to do is to obey His every command and leading, knowing He is faithful even when I am faithless.  I may not understand some of His actions and decisions, but I know He has the big picture.  My part is to stay close to Him and be aligned to His Word.  That’s the best place to be all the time – close to my Boss.  In fact, the Bible reminds me that I have been raised up in Christ and seated with Him in heavenly places.  And if Christ is at the right hand of the Father, then that’s where I am too!  Think about it … I am God’s right hand man!  Is that awesome or what?!

I never need worry about my salary, perks, or bonuses because His Word promises me that those who live by the gospel will be fed by the gospel, for a worker deserves his wages.  So, no worries about what I wear or what I eat.  Everything is taken care of!  My work uniform is to put on Christ and His garment of righteousness everyday.  And for my meals, I get to feast daily at a heavenly staff canteen!  But just in case you think I have over-spiritualised these daily needs, let me assure you that it is as real in the natural too.  It is so true that as I determine to seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness first, all these things are added to me.  God never shortchanges me and His arm is never too short.  For sure, my Boss pays me well and on time too 🙂

If I should ever work or push myself too hard (as we are all prone to do), my Boss promptly pulls me aside and tells me to rest.  He reminds me that I am not to be mastered by my work, for He must always remain my Lord and Master.  My dependence is not on my talents or my position, but on Him.  The former brings pride, but the latter is about humility.  Pride will bring my downfall; but those who are humble, my Boss will promote and exalt.

Even as I serve my Boss, I love the relationship I have with Him.  Jesus said, “No longer do I call you servants, but I call you friends!”  Like Paul and the other apostles, I know my place is that of a bondservant with no rights of my own.  Yet, my Boss extends to me the privilege of a friend whom He shares secrets and plans with.  Yet, more than this, I know I am a child of the Most High God.  That makes me a son who works in his Father’s Business.  Yes, my Boss is also my Heavenly Father, and that means He will always, always look out for me.  That overwhelms me completely!

Yes, I have the best Boss there is!  He is fair and just, and has my entire career path mapped out.  His plans for me are good and not evil, plans that give a future and a hope.  I wouldn’t trade this for any other job or boss in the whole wide world!

To God be all glory and praise!

4 thoughts on “I’ve Got The Best Boss!

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Praise the Lord for contented, grateful servants of the Most High God………. 🙂

  2. My boss asks me to send you a paycheck for $90. I will not be able to attend your friday sermon on 100 fold blessing. My boss asks me to get you pray for my 100 fold blessings when you receive my seed.

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