All Is Not Well

As I took in this morning’s papers, the headline caught my attention … “More girls under age 14 having sex“.  My stomach churned – as it tends to do these days when confronted with something of this nature.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, status updates demonstrated how life was still going on as normal … photos of newborn, photos of food, detailed descriptions of what they ate last night, this morning, on vacation, food discussions and more food discussions.  Yes, life was normal with most of the world … oblivious to the stark truth that our youth are engaging in – dare I say – pornographic lifestyle 😦

You may think I am over reacting as an old conservative prude.  But I assure you, I am not.  All is not well.  Often, we read these reports or hear these stories with an it-does-not-concern-me-or-my-family attitude.  Yet, in ministry (yes, even in Christian circles), this is not the case at all.  It is up close and personal – VERY personal, in fact.

As a parent, I am mindful of how easy it is to blame the environment and society for all its negative influences … it’s the media, it’s their friends, it’s the culture, it’s the schools, it’s the magazines, etc.  And when all else fails … the finger readily points to … the church.  “Why didn’t you reach my son the right values?”  “My child was not included in ministry activities, that’s why he fell away.”  “The youth programme was boring that’s why my daughter couldn’t identify with church.”

Excuse me … who is the parent?  Who holds parents accountable, I wonder?  If Christian parents who are accountable to God are already defaulting, what hope does society have?

Yes, all is not well.  The enemy has succeeded in enticing our husbands and wives with the trappings of the world.  When they became fathers and mothers, they continued in the same pursuits, deceived by the thought that they were merely working hard to provide “the best” for their children.

Now, on to the next phase – let’s get their children, and then their children’s children.  So we see magazines that target the really young, with enticing images of the same revealing togs the celebrities (and their parents too) wear.  Sex is no longer a taboo.  Only parents and teachers find it odd to discuss such issues.  But for the children, they have no problems talking and sharing – in school, on Facebook, via SMS, via mobiles.  And let’s not be so naive; it’s not just messages they are sharing.  As we have just witnessed from today’s article, they have no problems sharing their bodies too.  “Consensual sex was often at the heart of the problem.  Many of the girls had sex with casual friends and boyfriends, most of whom were about the same age.”

All is not well.

“See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” Eph 5:15 & 16

One thought on “All Is Not Well

  1. Absoutely! As parents we are supposed to be watchmen over our family and be alert for the dangers confronting our children. No use pointing the finger at everything around us, especially since we know that the state of the world is going to get increasingly worse. May the light in our homes do its work in dispelling the darkness around. May there be light in our homes first of all, with the wicks trimmed and the oil topped up….

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