Anna Joy At 4 Months

Just realised that I have not written anything about my youngest child, Anna Joy, for quite a while.  Blame it on the pace and demands of ministry – haha.  Since I have some space before getting back to preparing sermons, I thought it’d be nice to share an Anna Joy update.

In a twinkling of an eye, Anna Joy is now four and a half months.  In between my zipping in and out of the home, running to and from ministry engagements, I am always greeted with a huge (and I mean HUGE) smile from my little darling … ok, not so little 🙂  Anna has been growing really well and her developmental progress has been quite phenomenal too, praise God!

Anna Joy and her beautiful smile that never fails to charm all of us
Anna Joy and her beautiful smile that never fails to charm all of us

She is truly such a blessing, bringing all of us much joy and excitement.  It is always so heartwarming when I see the older ones taking turns to look after her when Serene is busy, doing their very best to entertain and distract her.  And Anna responds with smiles, smiles and more smiles, rewarding them for their efforts.  Of course, the moment she cries, the children are prompt to return Anna to the one who knows how best to soothe her … Serene!

Yes, my dear wife has been exceptional.  I get to talk about how cute and how adorable my daughter is.  But everyone knows those are only the nice and fun parts.  No one sees the work Serene does, looking after and nursing the baby – and that is over and above everything else she has to do.  Anna Joy’s sleep routine is still not fully settled.  As such, Serene is up and about when Anna Joy is up and about … at 11pm, at 2am, and yes, even at 5am.  Still, Serene presses on.  Because of this, the bond between mother and child is so strong … the first person Anna Joy looks for is Serene.  When no one can pacify her, not even Daddy, she stops crying the moment Serene cradles her.

Our 7th child, and yet, Serene and I find ourselves gushing over her.  You would have thought that we should be seasoned parents by now, used to having babies.  Nope!  In fact, we often talk about how with each addition, we learn to enjoy each baby more and more … not getting “kan cheong” with their fussing or crying helps 🙂

All said, each child is such a blessing from the Lord.  The struggles and challenges are all there (especially sleep-less-ness and that’s a character-killer!), but all that contributes to the entire experience of parenting and family life.  Each day is a new day, with new mercies and new strength from the Lord 🙂  I give Him all thanks, all praise and all glory for my wonderful wife and for each and every one of our lovely children!

One thought on “Anna Joy At 4 Months

  1. She’s a cutie! Looks like your wife!

    I know what you mean about enjoying each subsequent child even more! Sometimes I feel like my heart is going to burst loving all our blessings!

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