Every Choice Has A Consequence

In the course of ministry, I see it over and over again … people suffering and hurting in the present because of their past choices, decisions and actions.

Take for example, a parent who is unable to control his teenage child.  Dig deeper and you will discover that discipline was not exercised.  Or if it was, then it was an unhealthy perspective of discipline and how it was meted out in the life of the child.

Or a child who is self-centred and bossy.  Dig deeper and you will discover that he was waited on hand and foot since birth.  Everything is catered for because the parents deem his time is better spent on schoolwork and enrichment classes.  So, he grows up thinking he is the centre of the universe, and expects everyone around him to fulfil his wishes.  Imagine the disappointment and devastation when he finally realises it’s not all about him.

Or a marriage on the verge of divorce.  Dig deeper and you will discover a bad habit that was condoned and overlooked in the name of love.  Over time, it gets worse and later, unbearable.  Soon, it is cited as an irreconciliable difference when the offended spouse just cannot take it anymore.

Or the busy executive who is anxious and stressed.  Dig deeper and you will discover that decisions were financially and economically motivated.  It’s all about investments, stocks, shares, profits and returns.  This well-meaning husband or wife, father or mother, pursues these goals for the sake of the family, to provide greater comfort and a better life.  Along the way, the marriage falls apart and the children rebel.

I could go on, but I think the point has been made.  Every choice has a consequence.  How we choose or not choose, what we do or not do today will determine how or what tomorrow will be.

In Deuteronomy 30, God clearly presented the options of life and of death to the children of Israel.  His advice?  Choose life.  In other words, make it a conscious effort and decision to always choose God and His ways, for He is Life and His ways lead to life abundant.

Remember, every choice has a consequence.  Choose wisely.

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