Flour Power at Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church

Sunday 31 May was exciting … and exhausting too.  I preached at Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church across their four services – 8:00am, 9:15am, 10:30am and 5:00pm.  The first 3 services were back-to-back, only allowing me a short break in the pastor’s office between the first two services.  Thereafter, once I finished the message at the 9:15am service, I was whisked away to AMK Hub, arriving just in time as the MC announced me as the speaker – pant, pant, pant!

Speaking at the 8:00am service
Speaking at the 8:00am service

It being Pentecost Sunday, I had initially wanted to speak about the Holy Spirit.  However, when the Lord gave me a word in season, I knew I had no choice but to share Flour Power* once again.  What I normally would take about one hour to preach, I had to squeeze the message to fit about 40-45mins.  It was not easy but I am thankful I didn’t have to cut any of the 7 points.  All across the services, the message was very well received.  AMKMC’s Pastor-in-charge, Rev Stanley Chua, remarked that it was a word of affirmation and confirmation for the church to get deeper into the Word.  He noted that although Singaporeans are an educated people, many Christians are still biblical illiterate.

Thankful for the support of my entire family at the 5pm Service
Thankful for the support of my entire family at the 5pm Service

I thank and praise God for enabling and sustaining me across all 4 services.  I could feel the strain towards the end of the sermon at the 5pm service.  Also, there is no denying the anointing that was upon the Word.  Often, I struggle with having to deliver a tough, uncompromising message like Flour Power.  It is only the Holy Spirit that brings revelation and conviction in the hearts of the hearers.  And judging from the positive feedback, I know that the Lord has been present to back the declaration of His Word.

The day ended with great food and fellowship.  Rev Stanley and his family brought us out for dinner and we had a wonderful time catching up and sharing the challenges of the ministry.

*The recording of ‘Flour Power’ can be downloaded at Covenant Vision Centre’s Audio Centre.  Alternatively, you can listen to the AMKMC version.

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