Bringing a Word in Season

Across the week, I spoke at Park Mall Fellowship (Wed 20 May), Hinghwa Methodist Church Connect@5 (Sat 23 May) and Covenant Vision Christian Church (Sun 24 May).  I had originally planned to speak on different topics.  But as I prepared the message, Flour Power* based on 2 Kings 4:38-41, an excitement grew within me and I felt I needed to bring the same word to the various congregations.  Each time I rehearsed the thoughts in my heart and mind, I felt the words, as Jeremiah described in Jer 20:9, like fire in my bones.  There was something waiting to be released … a word in season, I believe.

Hinghwa Methodist Church Connect@5
Hinghwa Methodist Church Connect@5

Although the same message, there was a different enablement and anointing each time I shared it.  For sure, it is not an easy message to preach, for it challenges the status quo and the comfort zones of church.  I was concerned that some may be offended by the hard word and some may mis-understand the points and intentions.  As such, before I began preaching at the each service, I made it a deliberate point to pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation that the Holy Spirit would be present to give discernment and bring conviction of each point.

Ministering at Park Mall Fellowship
Ministering at Park Mall Fellowship

It is so exciting to bring a word in season because God’s anointing is definitely upon it.  Although I was physically very tired and stretched, He enabled me to speak with boldness and with strength.  If you ask me what I said at each service, I can’t remember at all!  All I know is that the points each flowed very smoothly one to another.  And I didn’t see boredom on the faces of the people but conviction and agreement with all the Lord was saying through me.  Not bad for a one-hour sermon!  To the glory of God, many stepped forward to affirm the message and to encourage me.  One brother actually told me, “Please don’t change the way you preach.”

Speaking at Covenant Vision Christian Church
Speaking at Covenant Vision Christian Church

As the Lord would have me speak on this topic, I shall be bold to declare His Word.  This is a word in season and I am praying, “He who has an ear, let him hear!”

*The recording of ‘Flour Power’ can be downloaded at Covenant Vision Centre’s Audio Centre.

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