The Fulfilment of a Vision

As I write this post, I want to give all glory to God, for He deserves all glory, honour and praise!

When God called me to the ministry of declaring His Word, I had the awesome privilege of seeing people respond during times of altar call.  As they stepped forward, some would weep, cry and even fall under the power of the Holy Spirit.  I am always humbled by how God can use one such as I to touch and impact the lives of His children.  Yet, excited as I am to see many lives touched, nothing can exceed the joy of seeing your own loved ones respond to God.

One day, I believe the Lord gave me an impression in my heart.  In this “picture’, I knew that I had just finished preaching a message.  I make a call for the people to respond and they start to come up in droves.  Amidst the crowd, one person stood out … it was my father!  I began to weep and then to cry.  I don’t remember when I received this impression, but I continued to carry it in my heart.

Yesterday, at Covenant Vision Christian Church, I literally saw the fulfilment of this vision.  As I concluded  the message, “From Religion To Relationship”, I challenged the people to respond to the Word of God, to move from religion to relationship.  The worship team sang the song, On Bended Knees, and I had my eyes closed as I prayed in my heart for the people and for God to move powerfully.  When I opened my eyes, I saw the people streaming forward.  And then it happened, right before my eyes – my father was making his way to the front.  Emotions welled up inside of me, and tears flowed.

After leading everyone in a general prayer, I made my way down to where my father was standing.  I called to him as he turned to go back to his seat, and asked if I could pray with and for him.  He readily agreed.  There we stood, father and son, praying together for God to move in new dimensions in his life.  I strongly believe that God has begun a new work in Dad’s life, and we will see new things in the days ahead.

What an awesome and yet humbling experience it was for me that God would allow me the privilege to pray for my own father.  What a gracious and faithful God!

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