Anna Joy is One Month

Anna Joy celebrated her one-month milestone today.  It’s made even more special because today, 12 April, is also Resurrection Sunday!

It was her first time out of the house after the traditional one-month confinement period.  And which better place to go but to church, at Covenant Vision Christian Church, where she was warmly welcomed by dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  To our surprise, our Snr Pastor, Rev Francis Khoo invited our family up on stage and prayed for Anna Joy.  Then came another surprise … a bright pink strawberry cream cake was wheeled in and everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to her!


Tonight, we had a little celebration dinner with our parents at Peach Garden at Thomson Plaza.  Significant again, for it was at Peach Garden where we had our 14th Anniversary dinner, throughout which Serene was having birth contractions.  That night was to have been the eve of Anna’s birthday.

Yes, it was a big day for our little girl.  I am so proud of her because she behaved so very well in church and also at the dinner.  Happy one-month, my little darling 🙂

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