More Than These

When I researched and wrote my term paper “The Theology of the Cross”, I realised that Jesus went through more than pain and humiliation when He went to the Cross.

Jesus understood the devastation of one forsaken by the Father, even for a moment.  Not willing that anyone should have to experience that, He endured that.  And if anyone knew what God’s wrath was really like, Jesus did.  That sinners would not need to encounter that, He willingly offered Himself as that perfect sacrifice and substitute.

That blew my mind!  More than all the physical pain and the emotional torment – as if that wasn’t enough – Jesus endured these when He endured the Cross.  This song was the result of the revelation that the Spirit brought into my heart.

Did He pray against the nails
That would hold Him to the cross?
Did He fight against the pain
He would suffer for the lost?
Did He cry out for the lies
They would make against His name?
Did He bleed the drops of sweat
As He thought about the shame?

More than these
The Lamb of God endured
Forsaken by the Father
So that I could be restored
More than these
He saw the wrath of God
Willingly He took my place
And bore the judgment of the Lord

Did He tremble as He prayed
For the cup to be removed?
Did He struggle in His heart
For His given right to choose?
Did He have to walk the way
As the Father’s only Son
Did He question as He said
“Not my will but Yours be done”?

© Words & Music by Henson Lim
31 Dec 2004

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