How’s Your Marriage Doing?

I am already aware of it.  I’m familiar with the statistics and figures.  I teach and preach about it, warning others and myself too.  I should be used to it.  But I am still surprised when another one bites the dust.

I’m talking about the ever increasing number of marriages that end in divorces.  It saddens me – to see couples split.  And even more so, when it happens to people I know.

Our church, Covenant Vision Christian Church, will be screening the movie, Fireproof, on Saturday 11 April, 3pm.  Last night, I did my part and sent an email invitation to a good friend and her husband.  The last I know, they were having a little challenge in their relationship.  Then came the reply with the words, “We will be separating and I don’t wish to complicate matters.” 😦

How’s your marriage doing?  Or maybe you know someone who needs to watch this movie?  Consider coming?

Click here for more details about the screening.


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