I Was Once Like That Too

Many times, when I observe the behaviour of Christians, there is a tendency for me to ask, “Why are they like that?  How come they are not more excited for Jesus?”

Then I am quickly reminded of how I was once like that too …

… I attended church every Sunday and thought that was what being a Christian meant.

… I served actively and felt I was quite a good Christian.

… I sang the hymns and songs but never meant any of the words I sang.

… I listened to sermons but forgot them as soon as the service ended.

… I read the Word but never lived the Word.

… I prayed but only for my wants, my desires and my agendas.

… I believed in Jesus but did nothing to declare it.

… I knew about Christian living but lived according to the ways of the world.

… I knew much about God but didn’t know God at all.

Yes, I was once like that too.  It is only by the grace of God that I am where I am today.  If not for the Lord’s patience, what chance would I have had to be in the ministry, to partner Him in the work of the Kingdom?

Can God not do the same for these?  Of course, He can!  But He is patient with them as He was with me (and still is).  As He allows me to work with Him to reach these lives, until they respond to His amazing love and grace … I too, am to be patient … for I was once like that too.

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