Appreciating My Wife

Each time I am left alone to handle the children, I realise how much my dear wife has on her hands.  And I am not just referring to the children.  That’s only one of the many tasks she manages on a day-to-day basis.  Usually, my little ordeal is over in a while when Serene returns from a trip to the dentist or the supermarket.  Thank God for that!

But since Thursday (yes, the birth of Anna), I have just been “doing the next thing”.  Serene was in the hospital for two nights and I was entirely on my own.  The tasks seemed never ending.  As soon as I finished one thing, the next calls out to me.  Add to that, the requests for help from my younger children, the need to break up a squabble between siblings, and the constant reminders for them to do this or that.

“Man, this is tough!  How does one do this everyday and stay sane?!”  Refusing to be daunted, I put on a brave smile and soldier on, all the while encouraging myself,  “I can do this, I can do this.”  But honestly, the only thing that keeps me going is my manly pride.  After all, if my wife can do it, then I should also be able to, right?  WRONG!!!  It is totally humbling to admit that what I am doing is only a fraction of what she normally does, and I am buckling!

Serene prepares the curricula for each child, homeschools our children, plans the menu, cooks the meals, keeps the house, does the laundry (yes, including the ironing) and a whole lot more … all by herself!!!  On top of that, she does her very best to be my helpmeet and loving wife, always supporting me in my ministry endeavours.  What’s more, she maintains her very own website and blog, expressing her thoughts and feelings in simple and practical articles, both of which have become great sources of encouragement to many Christian mothers.

Even as I struggle to stay on top of things, there are many things about our 6 children that make my load a lot easier … the children help out when asked … they are very independent and able to occupy themselves … the older ones look after the younger ones … they all sit around the dinner table and feed themselves (yes, even our 1.5 yr old!).  All this do not happen overnight, or as some would suggest that we have been blessed with naturally obedient kids!  This is the result of good and consistent training by, once again … drum roll … my dear wife!

Phew!  I thought I’d just write a short post about how much I appreciate Serene.  After recounting all the wonderful things she has been doing in my life, in the lives of the children and in the management of our household, I definitely appreciate her A WHOLE LOT!

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