You’re Moving On

This is one of my favourite songs in the Wedding Album, written from the perspective of my parents.  Of course, I had no idea what it meant to be a parent at that point in time.  So, I tried my best to imagine how it might have been like to watch a little baby grow up, go to school, on to university, into the marketplace and finally, into a new relationship.

Today, as a father, I have a better understanding of how tough it must have been for my parents to let go and to release me to begin a new household and family.  Looking back, I really appreciate how my parents were always there for me, regardless how busy they were.  Dad was an extremely busy businessman but he always made time for me.  As far as I can remember, he was always present at my school functions and BB events.  Mom was a housewife when I was growing up and that was a real bonus – there was always a home-cooked meal waiting for me!

Well, I may be all grown up now and having my own children, but nothing much has changed, really.  Dad and Mom are still there for me.  As they supported me before, they continue to stand behind me. I love you lots, Dad & Mom!

I pray that when the time comes to release my children and to let them go, I will have the strength and courage to bless them with this song.

Was it all that long ago
I held you in my arms
Those little eyes that looked like mine
Your fingers ’round my thumb
Then all too soon your little feet
Made contact with the floor
A smile in your eyes, a tear in mine
As you reached for that something more

You’re moving on … that’s life
You’re moving on … that’s nice
In your journey you may trip and fall
But keep your head held high above it all
Where love is from … we’re there
You’re moving … take care

As a child you listened well
To all I had to say
There never was a shade of doubt
Nor answers coloured grey
I knew my role couldn’t help but change
From teacher into friend
There would be a time, where I shall find
You believing in your own plans

Caught up in the paper chase
Into the lanes of the rat race
You’d go for it all, and never look back
Just like you did when you took your first step
Now you’re facing a brand new life
One that revolves around man-and-wife
Our love still remains
As we realise again …

Words & Music by Henson Lim
Copyright 1994

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