No Sports Bras in Church Please

Are we the same in church and out of church?  Simply, are we consistent in what we say and do?

Recently, I was the Camp Speaker at a Youth Camp.  In between messages, the Camp Commandant gave a few admin instructions about the programme.  Addressing the issue of modesty, he said, “Please ah, at the swimming pool, no sports bras allowed, ok?  This is a church camp.”  That drew lots of laughter and a few whoops and whistles.  Cheekily, I turned to the young adult next to me and asked, “So it’s alright to wear sports bras or bikinis when not in a church camp?”  She laughed and then remarked, “I never thought about it that way.”  Why should we only be modest in church, but not in the world?

I think it’s sad when Christians act one way in church and another in the world.  When in Christian company, we dress right, talk right and do right.  But when we’re back in the world, it’s do as the Romans do, whatever it takes to fit in and be “in”.  I believe Jesus had a very strong word for people like these …

3 thoughts on “No Sports Bras in Church Please

  1. Hi Pst Henson,

    I am not so sure what exactly you are referring to when you mentioned that we should not wear sports bra in church or at the swimming pool.

    Does it mean that no bikinis at swimming pool too? I feel that the gears to be worn at swimming pool is rather personal – whether it is a bikini, a sports bra or a normal swim suit.

    I wear a racer back swim suit when I train in the pool. A bikini is not too suitable for competitive swimming, and I don’t own one as well.

    As for sports bra, I do wear in church.. but I wear it as a undergarment i.e. I wear a shirt outside. However, I do wear sports bra in gym training and even in certain sports like running.

    As long as I feel we didn’t compromise the modesty of ourselves, and we dress right for the occasion, it should be good testimony for Jesus.

    1. Hi Jane
      If you look closely, there are two issues here – one of consistency and the other of modesty. Addressing the first issue, the point I am making is that many of us are inconsistent in our walk. We will act or speak a certain way in church, but the moment we are out of church focus, we are no different from the world. Addressing the second issue, we need to define what is modest and what is not. Sadly, modesty is largely subjective in today’s culture and understanding – even in the church. My main challenge in this post is about consistency, or the lack of. The modesty issue was used only as an example. Hope this helps to clarify your thoughts.

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