Music & Dance

Serene and I met when our groups were involved in My Country My Singapore, a musical extravaganza in celebration of the opening of the Singapore Indoor Stadium.  Mine was a singing group which won Talentime ’88 and hers was a dance group from Sylvia McCully Dancers.

We discovered each other’s interest in music and dance.  I was (still am) very much involved in music, playing the keyboards, music arrangement and writing songs.  Serene was very much into ballet, performing in major productions like Carmen, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker.

Inspired by this partnership, I wrote “Music & Dance” as the title track of our Wedding Album.

Once a tune travelled in the night
On a wind through the stars and light
Then he saw, moving to his score
Lines he’d never seen before

Gentle hands swaying to the beat
She made every bar complete
By the moon she could feel the tune
Carry her across the room

He is Music, she is Dance
With his melody and her every move
They’re in a world of Magic and Romance
Every note he floats with her in mind
Into his arms, she’d dance and find
Harmony more than once
They are Music and Dance

Holding her, as she turned to see
How he looked at her tenderly
In their eyes burned a love alive
As the whole world passed them by

Words & Music by Henson Lim
Copyright 1994

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