David’s & Sarah’s Baptism

On 7 Feb 2009, I had the privilege and honour to baptise my eldest son and eldest daughter!  For this, I give thanks and praise to God!

Significantly, it was on 7 Feb 2004 that both David and Sarah confessed their faith in Jesus Christ as my wife, Serene, led them in a simple sinner’s prayer.  I wasn’t home when it happened but that did not diminish the joy in my heart one bit.  Who would have known that 5 years later, I would be a pastor at Covenant Vision Christian Church … and that our very first baptism service would take place on exactly the same date and day that they gave their lives to Jesus.

When I first found out about the baptism service, I asked both David and Sarah if they felt ready to declare their faith before everyone.  Excited as I was for them, it was a big struggle for me not to appear to influence their decision in any way.  I wanted them to be certain and to decide for themselves.  All I could do was pray.

When I finally checked with Sarah, she readily said ‘yes’.  So, I took the opportunity to share more about baptism and its meaning to her.  Glory to God!  One down, one more to go!  But David took a little longer to arrive at his decision.  Until the day of briefing, he still hadn’t indicated anything.  Well, the church had to know, so I asked him again (as gently as I could) and then left him for a while more to think.  A while later, he said, “Daddy, I want to be baptised.”  Praise the Lord!

On that sunny Saturday morning, along with 15 others, David and Sarah was baptised by me as the Baptising Pastor, assisted by Pastor Andrew Teo!  As we all know, this is only the beginning.  Serene and I continue to pray for their spiritual growth that they will truly encounter and know the Lord personally and intimately.

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